About Accredited Interchange

We are a family-owned company full of multi-faceted individuals who all share the desire to help small businesses succeed. We are devoted to customer satisfaction and strive to ease the burden that small businesses face today by processing transactions efficiently and cost-effectively. Let our family take care of your family.

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A Passion for Helping Business

We have a passion for helping businesses and are always adapting to best suit our client’s needs. We constantly grow and perfect our methods while maintaining relevance in the merchant services industry. We look out for and cater to, small businesses throughout the United States.

Accredited Interchange
Our Core Values

Our Core Values include: Connection, Vision, Synergy, Respect, and Customer


We highly value honest feedback and open communication. Authentically connecting with teammates and clients makes us a stronger and united team.  We see the good in others and do not allow any negative energy into our inner circle.


Having vision is vital to the overall health and adaptability of Accredited Interchange.  As a team, we have a united vision of our potential and we visualize excellence in all that we do. We share a vision for Accredited’s future and have the ability to adapt to new situations.  By adapting we are constantly growing while maintaining relevance in the merchant services industry especially with regard to looking out for, and catering to, small businesses.


As a team, our combined effect is much greater and more powerful than our individual effects in any department.  We inspire one another and are dedicated to growth.  Our goal is to be the best that we can be for our clients every day.


We are built on the backbone of respect. We hold ourselves accountable and always portray an image of leadership and success. Our common vision to change the way small businesses view the merchant services industry can only be accomplished by respecting our customers. We listen, observe, and maintain accountability and respect.


We stand for our customers. Accredited fights for small businesses by alleviating the stress of accepting credit cards so merchants can continue to focus on what is important – generating business and making profits.  We create an environment with a customer-first mentality.  We are the change and we embrace this change with an open heart and mind.

We Believe in Leadership

Principles of Leadership: Ownership, Model, Empowerment, Authenticity, and Adaptability

  • Ownership - Ownership is about taking credit when the team fails and giving credit when the team wins. We are all connected by a common goal and are all working to achieve that goal with the best possible outcome in mind.
  • Model - Be the example and hold yourself accountable. Being a leader involves being the model example. Knowing how to follow and having integrity with actions is how effective leadership is obtained.
  • Empowerment - Empower others by being trusting, positive, passionate, vulnerable, forgiving, and compassionate. Empowering the people around you regardless of position will strengthen the team by creating a bond of trust within the ranks.
  • Authenticity - Be your true self. Be honest, approachable, precise, genuine, dedicated, and know your why. An authentic leader is one who is free from ego and is not concerned with how others base their opinions.
  • Adaptability - Be open to change.  Flexibility, innovation, vision, opportunity, and focus are core qualities in a leader.  Leaders are constantly embracing change while being open to suggestions and having the vision to stay focused on the task at hand.