Payment Management: Portfolio Manager Dashboard

All Your Data in One Place

Our Portfolio Manager is a payment management system that allows you to access all of your business information in one place easily. With the Dashboard, you can view your monthly statements, confirm and track all deposits, and generate custom reports.

Prevent Errors

Businesses often store data on multiple platforms without a payment processing manager platform. That means they must manually switch between interfaces to access and analyze data--a process more prone to errors. With Portfolio Manager Dashboard, your data is automatically stored and processed.

Save Time

Eliminating multiple platforms saves users time by storing data in one place. The Dashboard’s payment management system automates some of the most time-consumptive tasks, such as generating personalized customer reports.

Reduce Costs

In addition to reducing errors and optimizing your time, the payment processing data management can reduce costs by cutting out the manual work required to generate reports, fact-check data, and track deposits.

What You’ll Get

Deeper Insights

Our payment management system analyzes information to reveal broader insights about trends in the data, including enrollment, user activity and payment volume.

Automated Analytics

Integrated data is much easier to analyze. We designed the Dashboard to simplify and automate analytics so that you can address your weaknesses and play up your strengths.

Refined Control

Data is power. Using these insights and analyses, you can optimize user engagement and drive up revenue.

Your Accredited Interchange Dashboard

The dashboard provides you with live statistics about how your payment processing is performing.

Ready to Get Started?

Discover how much you’ll save with Accredited Interchange’s payment management dashboard. Get a custom quote from one of our payment consultants today.

I always like to wait several months before doing reviews just to make sure that no surprises arise after the "honeymoon phase." So far I could not be happier with the services of Accredited. I love my new point-of-sale system and so does my team. It's great to have updated, high-tech equipment to organize my business while still saving money.

Mike Lenzlo

I just want to say wow! This place really makes you feel like family. Customer service is amazing and they really go out of their way to educate you on how merchant services work and how fees are accrued. Accredited Interchange has changed the way I view the merchant services industry. If only there were more companies that shared the same vision.

Stephanie Reynolds

Been looking around for some cleaner options and really appreciated this one. Had a good time connecting with them. Really polite and understanding of my questions about those damn hidden fees or changing rates in the market. Just from my first few experiences but five stars for now.

 Kevin Chiem

I have been using Accredited Interchange services for all of my businesses for the last 5 years and have had only positive experiences. My ability to generate and email invoices while having payments linked to my bookkeeping software has been very convenient and makes my business run smooth. My agent always answers the phone when I call too.

Jocelynn Kettner

I just switched my mobile processing to Accredited Interchange 6 months ago. So far everything has been great! They're cheaper then my old mobile processing account that I was using with Square and the mobile application is a lot more user friendly. The decision to work with Accredited Interchange was the best decision I've made for my business this year.

 Dustin B

I own a small business and recently switched my processing to Accredited. I had no idea how much my bank was overcharging me!!! The agent answered every one of my questions and ended up saving me almost 50%. I also got a new terminal that is way easier to use. All in all, I'm incredibly pleased with them and can't wait to put all this extra money into projects I've been waiting on.

Ana Rodriguez